Brakes are one of the most vital safety components of your vehicle. Brakes squeeze against a disc to convert your vehicle's kinetic energy into thermal energy via friction, and the cooling of the brakes dissipates that heat. If your brakes grind and squeal consistently, the brake wear indicators could be touching the rotors - this is a sign that you should get the pads checked or changed. Brake squeal caused by vibration can be solved by putting some copper-based grease on the back of your brake pads, but be sure not to get any on the front of the pads. There is another reason for brake squealing, which is suspension alignment. Alignment problems can transfer sounds generated during braking into the chassis of the car where it is amplified.

There are other brake problem indicators besides squealing noises that you can look out for. If your vehicle pulls to one side when braking, if your brake pedal feels different or the way your car brakes is a little strange, if your parking brake doesn't work, or perhaps most obviously, if your dash brake light or ABS light stays on, then you could have imminent brake problems that need immediate servicing.

Inspecting your brakes at any time of the year is a good idea. There are several components that can be maintained to give your brakes a long life. Your brake system relies on a special brake fluid that should be inspected for both level and quality at regular intervals. Brake fluid can age and collect contaminants over time. Brake calipers, especially on older models of vehicles, can be serviced to extend your brakes' life. They can be removed, cleaned, and lubricated for smooth functionality.

Also, remember your vehicle's handbrake is separate and requires its own maintenance - it is also an important part of your brake system to maintain, because in the cause of brake system failure your recourse is the emergency brake.

Typical Brake service can include a general inspection of the front or rear brake system, cleaning or removing any debris or corrosion, lubricating the moving brake components, and reassembling and testing brakes. Call us or come in today to get your vehicle the maintenance care it needs.

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